Minutes and Agendas Online

Meeting notes and agendas are published online:

January 2018           Docking Agenda January 2018        Docking Minutes January 2018

February 2018         Docking Agenda February 18            Docking Minutes February 2018

March 2018              Docking Agenda March 2018            Docking Minutes March 2018

Annual Meeting       Annual Parish meeting March 18

April 2018                 Docking Agenda April 18                   Docking Minutes April 2018

May 2018                 Docking Agenda May 18                      Docking Minutes May 2018

Agenda Annual Parish Council May 18                               Minutes Annual Parish Council May 18

June 2018                Docking Agenda June 18                     Docking Minutes June 2018 

July 2018                 Docking Agenda July 2018                  Docking Minutes July 2018

September 2018    Docking Agenda September 18            Docking Minutes September 2018

October 2018                                                                              Docking Minutes October 2018

October Planning Agenda

Previous Agendas and Meeting Notes from past years:

Archived agendas and meetings from 2017

Archived agendas and meetings from 2016

Archived agendas and meetings from 2015


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