Village market

Taken from the website:

“Come and experience the taste of East Anglia and Norfolk with Docking’s Local Produce Market held Every Wednesday 10.00am till 2.00pm where you can find real food, passionately produced Locally all year round throughout the county and its borders, making food come to life through a great taste experience. All our producers provide the highest quality and freshness, with food produced within the county and it’s borders.

Docking does have a community store, unlike many other Norfolk Villages, and is convenient for docking and surrounding villages, however they still need Fresh quality products, Therefore we believe that this stunning village will benefit greatly from this wonderful alternative to shopping at big supermarket chains we do our utmost to make sure none of the produce on offer comes from more than a 100 mile radius of the market which are in the guide lines of the King’s Lynn Market Golden Rules.

We have some very talented producers in East Anglia and Norfolk has been the biggest producer of food to service Britain, So show support for these local businesses and in turn you can be sure to enjoy Fresh Produce at its finest and above all it’s, Fresh & Local!”

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