Action Plan 2021-2026

Docking Parish Council aims to:
• Constantly strive to work on behalf of parishioners on the issues that matter to the community and be a strong voice for residents and local businesses.
• Provide effective, efficient and accountable local government for the parish, enabling residents to be involved in the life of the community and its future
The Parish Council’s objectives are:
• To support local businesses and economic activity in the parish
• To support the work of parish voluntary organisations through grants and practical support
• To work with organisations to support the provision of youth activities in the parish
• To work with the Local Authority and the Police to improve road safety in the parish
• To understand, communicate and support the views, needs and aspirations of residents and businesses
• To increase public involvement in the community by ensuring the parish council is open, transparent and accountable to residents
• Ensure that councillors and staff have access to high quality training and development opportunities so that they can meet the required standards

Action Plan 2021 to 2026