A list of the councillors

Councillors for Docking

Chairman:  Cllr J Wroth – Greenacres, Mill Lane, Docking

Vice Chair: Cllr M Able – Jasmine, Station Road, Docking

Cllr R Playford – Garford Lea, High Street, Docking

Cllr K Crompton – 9 Harefields, Docking

Cllr S Edge – 3 The Court, Station Road, Docking

Cllr S Playford – 8 Harewood, Fakenham Road, Docking

Cllr R Gillett – North Cottage, The Meadow, Docking

Cllr D Meek – Cardaglo Fakenham Road Docking

Cllr R Todd – 2 Well Street, Docking

Cllr M Cooke – Wyndfield, Bircham Newton, Docking

Cllr J Hack – Hillview, Station Road Docking

Clerk: Michelle Wroth 01485 517055 [email protected]

Please note that you can view the register of Councillor interests here (click on the link and then pick Docking from the drop down box).