Minutes and Agendas Online

Meeting notes and agendas are published online:

January 2019   Docking Agenda January 2019         Docking Minutes January 2019

February 2019  Docking Agenda February 2019      Docking Minutes February 2019

March 2019      Docking Agenda March 2019            Docking Minutes March 2019

April 2019       Docking Agenda April 2019



Previous Agendas and Meeting Notes from past years:

Archived agendas and meetings from 2018

Archived agendas and meetings from 2017

Archived agendas and meetings from 2016

Archived agendas and meetings from 2015

Parish Meetings


The Parish Council holds its monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month (except September) at the Ripper Hall in Docking, at 7pm.


January 17th

February 21st

March 21st

April 18th

May 16th to include the Annual Parish meeting

June 20th to include the Annual Parish Council Meeting

Recent minutes and agendas are available online here:

Please also note that, “Minutes of all meetings are available for inspection at all reasonable hours through the Parish Clerk/ office for any local government elector for this parish and s/he may make a copy of, or an extract from, such minutes (Local Gov Act 1972 s.228(1)”.