Agendas and Minutes

Please note minutes are draft until finally approved and signed; at that point they are a legal document.

2021/22 Meetings

Date  Agenda Minutes
21st Oct 2021
16th Sept 2021  Agenda Minutes
22nd July 2021  Agenda Minutes

6th May 2021

Annual Parish Council Meeting

General Meeting







15th April 2021 Cancelled

2020/21 Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes

18th March 2021 

Annual Parish Meeting

General Meeting

15th March 2021 

Personnel Committee











18th February 2021 Agenda Minutes
21st January 2021 Agenda Minutes
17th December 2020 Agenda Minutes
19th November 2020 Agenda Minutes
15th October 2020 Agenda Minutes
24th September 2020 Agenda Minutes
August No Meeting
17th July 2020 Agenda Minutes
18th June 2020 Agenda Minutes
21st May 2020 Agenda Minutes
21st May 2020 Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda Minutes

On 18th March, a scheme of delegation was agreed by Docking Parish Council prior to lockdown.  Below you will find the decisions which have been made:

18.3.20 to 30.4.20

01.5.20 to 20.5.20

21.05.20 to 03.07.20

2019/20 Meetings

January 2019   Docking Agenda January 2019         Docking Minutes January 2019

February 2019  Docking Agenda February 2019      Docking Minutes February 2019

March 2019      Docking Agenda March 2019            Docking Minutes March 2019

April 2019       Docking Agenda April 2019               Docking Minutes April 2019

May 2019    Annual Parish Council Meeting 2019   Docking Agenda May 2019  

Annual Parish Council Meeting 2019     Docking Minutes May 2019

June 2019  Annual Parish Meeting 2019      Docking Agenda June 2019

July 2019  Docking Agenda July 2019     Docking Minutes July 2019

August 2019   Docking Planning Meeting Agenda August 2019 Docking Planning Meeting Minutes 2019

September 2019  Docking Agenda September 2019    Minutes

October 2019   Docking Agenda October 2019  Minutes

November 2019    Agenda         Minutes

December 2019    Agenda       Minutes

January 2020  Agenda        Minutes

February 2020  Agenda       Minutes

March 2020   – Meetings cancelled due to COVID-19




Previous Agendas and Meeting Notes from past years:

Archived agendas and meetings from 2018

Archived agendas and meetings from 2017

Archived agendas and meetings from 2016

Archived agendas and meetings from 2015